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Subpoenas & Summonses

From time to time, the University receives Subpoenas and Summonses. With subpoenas and summonses, the University may not be specifically named as a party to the proceedings, but the matter may nevertheless relate to University business.

Subpoenas and summonses are issued either by a court (at the request of a relevant party) or tribunal, or similar body (such as the State Administrative Tribunal) or regulator (such as the Corruption and Crime Commission).

Usually, a subpoena or summons requires that the University produce documents but sometimes requires that a University staff member give evidence.

It is critical that all of these documents be responded to in a timely way by the University. If your matter relates to a forthcoming hearing please ensure that the subpoena is returnable no later than 14 days before the commencement of the hearing.  Some documents may need to be retrieved from archives and this may take some time.  You will need to ensure that the University is able to comply in a timely way, noting that retrieval from archives may be beyond our control.

Any subpoena or summons that is received must be directed immediately to the General Counsel (Legislation & Litigation).